Privacy Policyプライバシーポリシー

Machidaya Shouten (below is called ‘our shop’) lays down a privacy policy. It promotes to protect personal information, by making a system of protecting personal information and thoroughness of recognizing the importance and efforts to personal information to all of our staffs.

Management of personal information
our shop takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security and management systems and staff education, promotes safety measures, and manages personal information strictly.
Purpose of utilization of personal information
Customers’ personal information shall be used to send e-mails and documents about information about our shop and answers to the questions from customers.
Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third party
Our shop manages customers’ personal information appropriately, and never disclose it except for the cases below.

  • In case the customers have agreed to disclose the personal information.
  • In case disclosing to a company entrusted with operations in order to provide services customers desire.
  • In case disclosure is necessary based on law.
Safety measures of personal information
Our shop takes thorough measure of security to ensure accuracy and sefety of personal information.
Customer identification
When customers request to refer, revise, and delete their own personal information, our shop will responds after personal identification.
Legal compliance and revision
Our shop observes laws and norms about retaining personal information. Our shop reviews the contents of this policy appropriately, and endeavors to improve it.
Customers can inquire about privacy policy of our shop to the contact information below.
Machidaya Shouten
2386, Fukara, Susono-city, Shizuoka, 410-1102, Japan
TEL: 055-992-0167
Contact form
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